What Is PHPBB All About Then?

Written by admin on August 25th, 2010 in Phpbb security.
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The abbreviation phpBB stands for PHP Bulletin Board, i.e., a bulletin board scripted in the PHP programming language. A bulletin board, also referred to as message board, discussion board, web forum, Internet forum or discussion forum, is a platform on the WorldWideWeb that facilitates (i) creation of a virtual community of like-minded people and (ii) interaction among them.

The very popular phpBB is a high-powered, fully scalable, highly customizable and free open-source (i.e., no fees, no subscriptions, no restriction on modifications) Internet forum software package that can support a variety of database management systems such as MYSQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access (via ODBC). With its user-friendly interface, straightforward administration panel and helpful FAQs, phpBB is the ideal free community builder for all kinds of websites.

The key features of the phpBB Internet forum system are:

Simple installation

Multiple-language interface

Support for a host of database servers

High security, with powerful and extensive authorization system and strong encryption for password safety

Unlimited forums that can be organized into unlimited categories

Unlimited forum members

Private or public forums

Powerful search facility

Private messaging facility

Template customization

Messages formatting in various font styles and sizes, also allowing image posting, code display, automatic URL linking

Easy-to-use admin panel

A large community of phpBB users providing free support

phpBB Forum Hosting

A multitude of phpBB forum hosting service providers exist in the web services market, offering right from 100% free or inexpensive forum hosting packages to premium paid forum hosting packages, depending upon the quality of the server, the features included in the package and the quality of the customer service and support provided by the forum hosting company. The 100% free type of phpBB massage boards generally come with limited disk space and limited bandwidth per month and are usually accompanied by banner ads, whereas the premium paid forum hosting packages are ad-free packages with larger disk space and maybe unlimited bandwidth per month.

As mentioned earlier, an Internet forum is a platform for people having common interests where they can meet virtually and exchange ideas on any topic of interest, be it technology, politics, health, gaming, or whatever. By doing so they can find solutions to their problems or can help others solve their problems by giving them advice. If used intelligently and diligently, in addition to the socializing activity a forum can also be exploited to drive traffic to your website. So, go ahead and join a relevant forum or host your own phpBB forum on your website.

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