I have been a very active member on many phpBB forums. As an active member on many of these forums I have seen very few phpBB forums advertising anything except adsense or pay per click. I have come across a free software that allows your forum members or anyone else to advertise right on your forum.

The best part about this is you can set it up and automate it. All ads have to get approved by the forum owner or administrator. You can place your own ads as well as sell space to others. The layout is set up to blend in with your phpBB forum. This free software was created by Harvey Segal, solely for phpBB forums only and will not work on other power driven forums. Click Here

The Forum AdManager package, allows users to sign up and schedule available ad space. Once approved, it automatically charges their account for the period of time they want their ad to be displayed. Some ads are just a word phrase with a link attached to phrase and some other ads will allow the user to upload an image. You charge more for the image ads. The ad request you receive will almost always be ads targeted to your forum niche.

This is a real revenue generator to your forum. There are thousands that want to get their product recognized and promoted through forums. This allows your members to advertise on your phpbb forum without spamming threads.

There are different price levels for each ad space and you can set the rates. Each ad space is on a first come first serve basis for any specific time period. This is good because you will find people signing up for ad space weeks and even months in advance. When they see the time slots only available a week or even a month down the road, they will acknowledge the competition for that ad space on your forum and will be begging to sign up.

The ad display blends in around the borders of your forum just as you would blend in your adsense. Adsense will generate some revenue but not to the extent that this free phpBB forum advertising software will generate. If you would like to find out more about the free phpBB forum advertising software that is 100% free. Click Here

This is one of the best ways that I have seen to earn good revenue from your forum, and will give your members a chance to advertise on your forum. The revenue generated from the Forum AdManager software will topple your adsense revenue.

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