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phpBB for your Forum

Written by admin on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 in Phpbb reviews.
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What are the reasons for having a forum?

Forums give clients and future clients the chance to talk about topics between each other. They can ask questions or provide reviews while reading responses from additional people. This is very handy for the users and may alleviate the workload of your support and customer service staff.

In addition, it’s a great way to obtain free links for Search Engine Ranking.

Why select phpBB?

There is no charge. Licenses do not need to be purchased. phpBB is free to the public. Besides the program (source code) being unencrypted, the license allows you to alter it or add new code as desired. Note that to make more major alterations, you will need to possess or acquire some PHP expertise.

Setting up phpBB

It’s pretty straightforward to install the phpBB. Unless Fantastico is installed on the server by your website host, a little bit of familiarity is necessary for you to perform the initial installation. PhpBB can be automatically installed by Fantastico; after which a bit of configuration is needed before you can start your forum. If you prefer to do the installation yourself, you will need to grasp, or learn, how to change file and folder permissions; FTP; as well as the MySQL database setup process.

Personalize: Altering the look or functionality.

You have the option of altering or selecting a new theme for your phpBB forum. The majority of the authors do not charge a fee or request donations. If you are feeling confident, you can make your own or alter your current theme.

Assistance is readily available on the phpBB user forums. You can pay a programmer to make the desired changes. Qualified PHP programmers are not hard to locate and are cost effective — especially if you do not already have a working knowledge of PHP.

Stephen Grisham, Sr. is a copy writer for InfoServe Media, LLC. InfoServe Media is a Houston web design company and hosting company. Or if you just need a few changes to an existing site, InfoServe Media also offers website maintenance.

Brief History of DreamHost

DreamHost (DH) was founded by four Computer Science undergraduates students in 1997. Since then DH has grown and has become one of the famous web hosting providers. According to DreamHost official blog they are now hosting more than 700,000 domains.

In spite of becoming such a big player in hosting world, their service hasn’t been degraded and their first and only goal is to provide wonderful user experience to their customers. Now, managing more than 700,000 domains is not an easy task. They keep their growth in mind and they have enough support and technical staff to handle their increasing customer base. Need less to say that they also have data center with enough servers and redundant gigabyte Internet connections.

Why I Wanted Hosting And My Requirements

DreamHost is not the first hosting I am hosting my sites with. Actually DH is the third hosting company I have tried. I changed to DH over my previous two hosting company because those did not satisfy my requirements.

From May 2007, I was impressed by world wide web and I wanted to make some money online. Now for making money online, you need to have website. In the August 2007, I was looking for Linux web hosting company. I was looking for web hosting which provides lots of space, lots of data transfer limit, unlimited domain name hosting, unlimited mails and ssh users. So if I want to make any changes in any page, I can do that over ssh prompt. Since I was about to start online business, I was looking for service which provides very high up time and good technical support. I also wanted all these features at very cheap rate.

I researched a little bit at that time and found that DreamHost is cheap and provides all the features I wanted. I did more research about service and support. I found many good reviews. I also found some bad reviews. I read all reviews and I wanted to go for DH but after reading bad reviews I could not make my mind. I searched more but didn’t find any hosting service which provides all needed features at cheap rate. Finally, I thought there always will be some bad reviews on any service and decided to give a try to DreamHost. Since I was on a limited budget, I didn’t have many choices. So on 17th August 2007, I finally registered service with DH.

Hosting Plan I Use

Currently DreamHost offers only one plan for shared hosting. At the time when I purchased, they were offering three plans.

1. Crazy Domain Insane
2. Sweet Dreams
3. Code Monster

I selected Crazy Domain Insane plan. They provided around 200GB of disk space and 4TB of data transfer limit. This limit also increases weekly. It’s a way to say thank to their customer for staying with them. This limit was more than enough for my usage.

Easy to Use Control Panel

When you register the service, DreamHost provides login details for the control panel. DH is not using any readily available control panel like CPanel. They have their own control panel written in perl. You can control any of the service by logging in to panel. You can create or delete mail and mysql account or to install or remove any software from the panel.

When I purchased a web hosting service, I also got one domain for free to register. I registered my domain and I wanted to install WordPress blog on it. DH provides one click installation of many open source softwares like WordPress, Gallery, ZenCart, PhpGedView, OpenX, phpbb, joomla, MediaWiki and many more. So I just logged in to the panel, select WordPress, insert the mysql database, user and password information and clicked on Install. Within just 3 minutes, I got mail from DreamHost saying that WordPress blog is installed on my domain. That was the easiest WordPress installation I have done ever.

Reliability And Support

In the last 10 months, I only needed to contact their support two times. First time when one of my sites was down. I opened a support ticket but within few minutes my site was up after opening the ticket. Second time my site was up but was not able to connect to mysql database. I opened a support ticket and tried to figure out what went wrong. Since I am a technical person, I know how to troubleshoot. I removed mysql user and created it again and problem was solved. I have to admit that their support response is very quick. I got the response in both cases within 10 hours.

For support, DH provides three kind of support. They have their wiki where you can get many how to. If you want to install any software, change DNS entry or want to do any thing using panel and don’t know how to do, Wiki is the best place to search for. You will get the answer of your question immediately. DreamHost also provides forum where advance users might help you to solve your problem. If after using wiki and forum, you don’t get the solution for your problem then you can open a support ticket from panel and one of the DreamHost support representative will be in touch with you.


Currently I have 9 domains hosted with DreamHost. Of course, not all of them are getting heavy traffic but I never had major break down service. I measure the uptime for my sites and it varies from 99.5% to 99.9% . I am very happy with DH and will recommend it to any one looking for cheap and good hosting service.

Dhruv Patel is a customer of DreamHost. He has created site to help new DreamHost customers and to promote DreamHost by giving DreamHost coupon. You can also find detailed DreamHost review there.

Phpbb Forum Advertising ? Forum Admanager Review

Written by admin on Thursday, August 26th, 2010 in Phpbb reviews.
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I have been a very active member on many phpBB forums. As an active member on many of these forums I have seen very few phpBB forums advertising anything except adsense or pay per click. I have come across a free software that allows your forum members or anyone else to advertise right on your forum.

The best part about this is you can set it up and automate it. All ads have to get approved by the forum owner or administrator. You can place your own ads as well as sell space to others. The layout is set up to blend in with your phpBB forum. This free software was created by Harvey Segal, solely for phpBB forums only and will not work on other power driven forums. Click Here

The Forum AdManager package, allows users to sign up and schedule available ad space. Once approved, it automatically charges their account for the period of time they want their ad to be displayed. Some ads are just a word phrase with a link attached to phrase and some other ads will allow the user to upload an image. You charge more for the image ads. The ad request you receive will almost always be ads targeted to your forum niche.

This is a real revenue generator to your forum. There are thousands that want to get their product recognized and promoted through forums. This allows your members to advertise on your phpbb forum without spamming threads.

There are different price levels for each ad space and you can set the rates. Each ad space is on a first come first serve basis for any specific time period. This is good because you will find people signing up for ad space weeks and even months in advance. When they see the time slots only available a week or even a month down the road, they will acknowledge the competition for that ad space on your forum and will be begging to sign up.

The ad display blends in around the borders of your forum just as you would blend in your adsense. Adsense will generate some revenue but not to the extent that this free phpBB forum advertising software will generate. If you would like to find out more about the free phpBB forum advertising software that is 100% free. Click Here

This is one of the best ways that I have seen to earn good revenue from your forum, and will give your members a chance to advertise on your forum. The revenue generated from the Forum AdManager software will topple your adsense revenue.

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